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Managers and Leaders: Are They Different?
by James Madison


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James Madison

Harvard Business Review published the piece "Managers and Leaders: Are They Different?" years ago.  It does a fantastic job of analyzing the question in the title.  The article is here:




Unfortunately, while the points of the article could have been summarized nicely into a table, that was not done, so I have done it here, though probably with a few of my own biases I'm sure.




Embrace process

Tolerate process

Narrow choices

Expand choices

Mitigate risk

See risk as opportunity

Reconcile differences

Have spirited interactions

Relate by role

Relate to individuals

Focus on how to make decisions

Focus on what decisions to make

Show objectivity

Have empathy

Reach the goal

Define the goal

Have professional associates

Have friends and enemies

Create win-win situations



This view provides a very useful list of dimensions to consider when trying to figure out which combination of management and leadership abilities a particular person may bring to the task at hand.

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